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about my portfolio

with over 20 plus years of graphic design, marketing and artistic experience my portfolio is busting at the seams. I have gathered a variety of my most recent designs and a selection of 'older' pieces that I am most proud of for your viewing.

my portfolio is broken down into four sections to make it easier for you to find  pieces that would apply to your project. But please feel free to view all areas of my portfolio so you can see the extent of my design and artistic abilities.


website designs

these are just a few of the websites that I have worked on over the years. 

print & branding

a variety of print and branding projects over the years

marketing and communication materials are very important for all businesses, large and small. Here is just a few samples of the types of communication materials
in my portfolio:

• brochures and catalogs
• business, promo and rack cards
• logo, branding and watermarks

• packaging • mailers • document designs
• signs (indoor, outdoor and conventions)
• letterhead and envelopes
• magazine & newspaper ads
• product design & illustrations
• illustrations & info graphs
banners book covers
and much more

communication material


branding and logo designs


packaging designs


artwork and crafts

where it all started, my love for being creative that is. Since I was a little girl, creating artwork and learning to make handmade gifts was my passion. As the years went by, and college came into the scene, my creative flowed into graphic design and all that includes. Take a look at one of my more recent pieces of arts and crafts!

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