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mind of creative designer

A creative graphic design studio built on a solid foundation of growing strong client partnerships & creative solutions for over 20 years. Educated with a degree in graphic design, 20 years of real world experience, founder Heather Dixon started Mind of Creative Designer to help other companies with their graphic design, branding, website, marketing and social media needs. Solely owned, MCD is a perfect match for a company who needs a graphic designer/marketing guru, but does not want the overhead of a full-time salary designer.


Dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality of creative graphic design/marketing across a large variety of print & digital mediums. Specializing in typography, foreign language layouts and color process, to redefine and help set the most creative and original design trends.


Mind of Creative Designer has created some of the highest innovative, exciting campaigns and solutions for a number of businesses and clients; Offering a variety of services in print and digital designs, with a solid portfolio as verification.


Core values are important at any company, and Mind of Creative Designer has a set of fundamental beliefs that keeps it and the design team focused and on the right path to fulfilling goals:

  • 1. Integrity and Ethical Values: Simply put, God comes first and the Bible is my unwavering guide and direction with life and my business. Having said that “The Golden Rule” is something that is always at the forefront of Mind of Creative Designer. Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

  • 2. Creativity and Innovation: To many designers use the term “thinking or breaking outside the box” well there is no box for Mind of Creative Designer. The world is a playground of imagination and limitless methods or ideas, and as a designer you should never feel constricted by “a box.”

  • 3. Making a difference: to have a significant & positive effect on clients, their business and those whom I come in contact with.

behind the founder/designer

Creativity is described as a phenomenon that something valuable is created from. Ideas and concepts can then manifest themselves in any form or outlet, and being a creative mind myself, there are some areas I excel at, and others I just look for the creativity and go with it! So, as you are looking through my website you will see a variety of creative forms and outlets, of graphic design. My objective is not to just show everyone my graphic design work, but my creative thoughts in any form.

I’m a progressive designer who has grabbed hold of the world of graphic design to create innovative, exciting campaigns and solutions for a number of businesses and clients.

Design is, was, and always will be who I am and what I love doing. Before I ever set foot in an office I spent my days sketching, painting, learning and creating. Since landing in the professional world, I have continuously pushed the envelope, engaged in strategy, presented to clients and locked myself in a room full of my peers to conceptualize into the twilight hours. I have reveled in every facet of the world of design and flourished with each and every challenge that I face. I reject complacency—I live to set the trend, not follow it. The world of design has been teetering on the threshold of redefinition; my goal is to respect the history, but boldly look toward the future.


resume in short


Adobe Creative Suite
(Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign)

Microsoft Office

Mac / PC

Creative Art Direction

Creative Strategy



Image manipulation

Social Media Marketing


Kennesaw State University - Fine Arts & Graphic Design Diploma

Chattahoochee Tech. - Computer Programing Certificate

work history

Graphic Design Teacher - Cobb County Schools

Creative Manager - Proctor & Gamble Professional (Nioxin Research Laboratories, Inc.)

Design Manager - Vergepoint

Senior Designer - Sope Creek Apparel

Art Director - ABi

complete resume

you can download a PDF version of my resume here

be sure to check out my personal Linkedin page as well as my business Linkedin Page

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