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Rebranding (part 1) - When your vision changes

When your company vision changes and rebranding is a must, you have to start somewhere. The timing, well it's perfect, because clients often ask me what my process is when developing a logo and the rest of the brand identity. With the new vision that was givin to me, I want to show you by working through a rebranding of “Mind of Creative Designer” from start to finish. You can follow my blogs as I dig into each area of the branding journey.

First thing is first, we need a "Creative Brief!" Every project should have a creative brief. This week let's start off with our first step, the creative brief. Generally we would set down with the client and discuss all the details in a creative brief, but since Mind of Creative Designer is my own freelance name, I get to play both sides of the table! Let’s dig in!

A Little About Creative Briefs

Whether you need a new logo, website, marketing campaign, or social media content created for your business, the key to making the project a success starts with a well-thought-out and thorough creative brief.

A creative brief is a document that explains the ins and outs of a project for the creative team, or designer you choose. Think of it as a blueprint for your project that helps the creative team and it will help you as you shape the overall goals and strategy for the project.

While it takes a bit of time to develop a good solid creative brief, it is worth it to help ensure the deliverables you receive align with your expectations. Not to mention, it will make the whole process smoother and efficient, as well as saving you money in the long run. Before you start working on a creative brief, take time to carefully think through your objectives and the project you are working on.

Unfortunately, thorough creative briefs aren’t typically the norm for most designers; but should be their first start. Take the time to provide all of the pertinent details and you will enable the creative team or designer you choose to deliver fabulous work and to your expectations! Creative Briefs can vary in information and questions. Lets take a look into the Creative Brief so you can get a better picture of what I am talking about.

The Creative Brief

Client: Mind of Creative Designer

Brand Statement: Shedding light to the fact that there is no “creative box” unless you have built one around it (your creativity that is!)

Background: Heather is a freelance (and former corporate) graphic designer, artist, and blogger who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her current brand, Mind of Creative Designer, doesn’t properly fit her vision, design aesthetic and personality; and its time for a refresh.

History: While attending college, Heather took every art and graphic design course offered at KSU to develop a well-rounded knowledge of all areas of design and art. Receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2000 with a concentration it Applied Arts, Heather has been freelancing (and working corporate positions) as a graphic designer for over 18 years. She has freelance under several different names but when she developed the name “Mind of Creative Designer” it was to showcase a variety of her creative talents, in regards to graphic design, art and lifestyle. Heather wanted to share with others how the process of a creative brain worked and/or thought, as she worked through a variety of designs, art and other projects. She wanted to share her own personal stories and faith in her work through blogging and even give reviews of products, various graphic designers and artist work. The past three years Heather has been blessed with great steady clients and projects, but she has felt that her own website and designs have been rushed or put to the side and does not showcase everything she intended it to.

Project Summary: Develop a new brand identity kit that includes a refresh look for printed material, social media and website.

Objective: To enhance (refresh) the brand – to reflect whom she is in regards to her design, faith and artistic aesthetics.

Target Audience:

Primary: Men and Women from various backgrounds, who enjoy great design, art and general lifestyle articles.

Secondary: Small business owners, Start-up businesses, Social Media Gurus and Gamers.

Tertiary: Artist and other creative types; although they typically will not be the ones to need design services but will be inspired by content provided by Mind of Creative Designer.

Message: To show different forms of design, art and lifestyle experiences. Create a site and brand for inspiration and to publicly pitch her design style as well as open the doors for freelance design, design consulting, collaboration and partnerships. She Also wants to inform and show others that the only “creative box” that exist, is the one that “others” put around it! There is no “creative box” unless you have built one around it!

Competition: She is in NO means in competition with anyone, no designer, no artist, and certainly no bloggers; But if an answer is a must then other designers would be first on the list.


  • Solid logo (for print and web)

  • Social Media images

  • Well rounded website

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • A true passion and love for everything design and artistic.

  • Creative content that will inspire and appeal to a variety of people, no matter what their background is.

  • Creating a space that’s a mix of creative and inspirational graphic design, art, and knowledge of both.

Creative Considerations:

  • Logo design that can be changed for a variety of formats

  • Nothing overly masculine or feminine

  • Stands out in both Black and white, as well as color

Keywords or tone:

Trendy not tacky

Vibrant colors






Timing: What it takes to hit the “nail on the head”

Budget: The sky is the limits

Let's Finish this Blog Up

That covers the creative brief, so our next step will cover the research phase.

What’s ahead:

Concept Development - Research, Brainstorming (concepts), and Refining.


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