living life through actions and design:
love thy neighbor and clients

a freelance graphic designer and artist, with a small design studio

Experienced Freelance Designer

based in Marietta, Ga., I am a freelance graphic designer that specializes in various graphic design elements and creative; print, web, social media and more. Through my work I want to show what love thy neighbor (client) truly means, so behind the scenes I am dedicated to each client working hard so that they achieve their goals.

Mind of Creative Designer was created just for individuals and businesses like yours. Unlike some of the other freelance graphic designers, I work to achieve that my clients have original, designs from scratch so they stand out. Based on goals and objectives, I am working hard on your behalf so that you can take center stage.

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creative, strategic, and just a little bit imaginative, wink, wink. An established freelance graphic designer and artist who wants to make you and your business successful. 
Come on in and get to know me a little better.

an extensive portfolio, means having to narrow it down to the highlights of both my graphic design and artistic work.  A limited selection of work can be found in my portfolio or you can always check (and follow) my social media accounts to see all the latest designs and fun things that are going on with myself and at the studio.

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