what is PUPafoodie?

Pupafoodie was originally started as brand name that photoshops fur babies into delicious images of food. since PUPafoodie started in the fall of 2019, it has developed into a broader range of graphic design needs for the furry family members. need a personalized logo? photoshopped image of your fur family member?  need social media images designed to share of your fur family? that is what PUPafoodie does. your very own personalized graphic designer for the fur family member.

live streams


PUPafoodie is streamed live each week. clients can select to have their personalized PUPafoodie image or logo designed for all their furry friends watch and chat about during their session. to schedule your LIVE stream of PUPafoodie, contact me via Instagram DM @pupafoodie or  email at (pupafoodie@gmail.com.

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