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Crazy Busy... It's a Blessing!

It has been a very busy past three weeks for the mind behind, The Mind of a Creative Designer. One thing we can say about a creative mind, we get lost in our projects! That applies to the past three weeks. There have been multiple creative projects going on at once. Creative Project #1 – Design a logo for “Hands on Electric”. Mr. Hand emailed looking to design a logo for his electric company. We have successfully completed a logo for Mr. Hand. Creative Project #2 – Business Card designs for Karen Roberts Photography. Karen Roberts Photography has been a loyal client of ours for many years. She requested to have two different business luxe cards designed to hand out to clients. She needed two different types of

business card, so she could market to both future seniors in high school and to parents of babies. Karen has a very creative talent and her creativity shows in her photography, this makes designing for her fun and whimsical! Creative Project #3 – This has been the biggest creative project of all these past few weeks. We had the pleasure of being asked to take on the roll of wedding planner for a young Bride and Groom. With this being said, the bride and her family asked that we design custom wedding invitations; which we accepted with great excitement. From concept, to developing templates and patterns, to rough sketches and finally designing them on the computer, we then printed and handcrafted over 150 custom wedding invitations to express the bride’s elegant taste. Her wedding invitations will be mailed out within the next week, and we have promised to keep all pictures and detail a secret for the next week! We cannot wait to share the creative process and details for these fabulous invitations! Check back, you don’t want to miss it! Thank you for check in with us; enjoy the images from Creative Project #1 and #2. We would love to hear your feedback and comments!

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