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where, oh where have you been

As a creative person there are times that it seems I have disappeared, but in reality I am still here. For many different reasons, I step away from the computer or posting, simply because I need that time to reconnect with my creator, family and my creative side; and then there are times I am just extremely too busy to post or share.

I have steadily been working on a variety of projects. The past several months I have been working on digital ads as well as print ads for a large undisclosed (per contract) marketing agency. (a reference from this client is available upon hiring request.) My client found me through LinkedIn, and it has been such a pleasure working with her and her team. Each month I have a list of print ads and digital ads that have to be developed, created and posted for the clients vendors to have access to. I have enjoyed being able to develop these items for my client regularly.

On top of my steady client above, I have added social media plans and posting for several of my clients. I will be sharing these in the next week or two. I am also currently in the process of pushing LIVE a new website for a restaurant client, and working into the second month of their social media postings, and maintenance.

There seems to be a new season of life for myself and family, and as that season starts to grow and develop keeping connected with God has been a very important part. With this we have been volunteering more and more with our church and church family, and we have been blessed with a large church family whom we love and adore greatly! Life with them is Amazing!

Over the past year, my husband and I chose to put our son in an online charter school program. It is a public school program but completely done at home and online classes. This has taken some getting use to, and working our schedules together; but we achieved a very successful year as an honor student/learning coach. We have found our groove and are looking towards our second year with the program.

The past 6 months, My husband and I have a been spending quality time together building my new work desk from old pallets. I will post more about the desk with pictures when the desk is completed. We have found that working together on these types of projects are very rewarding in so many ways and at the end we have a finished product to admire that we created together as well as keeping communication in a constant flow.

There has also been more grand-babies added to our family, God continues to bless our family! The joy that they all bring!

So, if you stop by social media or take a look at the website and wonder... "oh where, oh where have you been?" Maybe this will at least give you an idea of what is going on. Life, a New Season in Life. A breath of fresh air, and a better stronger look at what this new season of life brings! I am still designing, still creating and steadily busy with life. You don't always have to post every waking minute. lol


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