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Graphic Design Client Portfolio: Karen Roberts Photography

Building strong working relationships and helping them to succeed with their business is something Mind of Creative Designer takes pride in. After all a satisfied client, is a returning client and a returning client means they will tell others of your business or services.

We love working with all of our clients, developing their relationships/friendships and helping them build their business through marketing/designs has been very rewarding. One client that stands out is Karen Roberts Photography.

A very skilled and creative photographer, Karen has been a loyal client for over 10 years! Supporting her photography business Karen Roberts Photography by designing Luxe Business Cards, Sales Sheets, Promotional Cards, Photo editing, and much more over the years.

Let's take a look at some of the designs for Karen Roberts Photography and how they progressed over the years: (click on the image to learn more about the design)

Thank you Karen Roberts Photography for your business over the years, we appreciate you and your business!

Note: Photography work of Karen Roberts Photography


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