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A Sunday Afternoon Update

Once again it has been a very busy couple of months, I by far am not complaining, but feel extremely Blessed! First off, let me thank a good friend of mine, Mr. Revill, for passing my contact information on and referring me to Mr. Gill of 30-30 Ministries. (Take a moment and check out the talent Mr. Revill has in the world of Creativity! I so admire all his work, but most of all the way he leads his family!) Mr. Gill with 30-30 Ministries had a logo that was created and saved as a JPG image. They needed the logo re-created so that they could use it in a variety of locations and at a higher resolution. I had the honors of being able to re-create their logo. I always feel very Blessed when I get to work with other Christians. It gives me the feeling that God trust me enough to help his people out. Take a look at the before and after 30-30 Ministries logos, and take a moment to stop by their Facebook page and show some love! Secondly, I am always excited when Karen Roberts Photography contacts me. She has some of the most creative ideas, and lets me run away with my creativity! Karen wanted to give her logo a new and fresh look, but wanted to keep the mermaid as part of her logo. Here are some of the ideas that were sent to Karen. She placed these ideas on her page and had her clients vote on the one they liked the best. We have a winner! The single logo is the one that Karen Roberts Photography has selected to use.

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