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Wow…Seriously… It’s been since July since any blog post on the website? Well that needs to change! our intentions on blogging are good, but running a business from home plus raising a toddler equals less time for blogging. Business has been steadily picking up over the past five months. We have added several new clients to our portfolio, and continue to work with clients we had established a great relationship with. The “Nuts and Bolts” section of our portfolio needs to be updated, but that will have to wait for now. One of our newest clients, IGD Trucking, came to us for a complete business identity package, logo design, website setup as well as social media setup. It was a great opportunity to help our client establish the company’s presence. Here you can see their logo, business identity package and website home page that we designed and setup. We were able to help support our client, Georgia Dragonfly by photographing products for the holiday season! It was a great opportunity for us to see their products first hand, and let me say, the non-slip headbands really work! These are not like the ones you buy in the store! Here are some of the images from the holiday photo-shoot. Designs by Vancette took off with a great start as we introduced our Christmas Card line, and we have several orders placed for our bird seed feeders. We are currently in discussion with several brides on supplying the bird seed feeders as wedding favors for upcoming wedding days. What an honor! We have recently met with a new client and discussed how we could help them update and present their products with a “fresh and clean” look. We have agreed on a proposal and have created our first project production calendar. We will keep you updated as we progress with this client. Along with working steadily with our clients, we have been trying to keep our website and social media updated. Other than the portfolio section, which is always a huge update. If you ever want to see the most current updates, check our Facebook page.

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