• Heather D.

Creative UpCycle Wrapping...

As the holiday season is coming to an end, wanted to share with you the story of how our family wraps gifts. One of my fondest memories was when my Granny Pruett would wrap items using brown paper. They always had a sense of beauty and simplicity. I remember being a small child and sitting in front of the fireplace at my Grandmother’s home. My Grandmother sat beside me, and step by step taught me how to wrap a gift. Using brown paper, she would carefully fold each edge and tape it using scotch tape. When we were finished the package had a clean crisp look to it; so simple, yet so elegant. A few years ago, we discovered that the local newspaper company will sell you the remnants of rolled paper for around five dollars. We took advantage of this and started wrapping our paper in newspaper, without the print. It was during that holiday season we had purchased several items off the internet, and as the packages arrived noticed that the boxes contained brown paper as filler to keep items secure. Taking a moment to pull out the brown paper and gently unwind, straighten and smooth the paper out, I would carefully roll the paper on a wrapping paper spool or fold the paper and place in a box. Then we started wrapping the gifts using this brown paper along with the

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