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Water Bottle {Lables}

Most everyone likes to have water at their parties and events. At "designs by Vancette" we like to have labels that match our invites. If you don't see a water bottle label that matches our invites or announcements, you can always request for us to make design one at the same price as the other custom water bottle labels. You purchased the Water Bottle Labels now what? We send you a JPG file that measures approximately 9.75” X 1.75”. So you can place the file in any software or template you have available at home. Here at "designs by Vancette", we use and suggest using Microsoft Word - Avery Wrap Around Labels – 22845 template. You can place 5 per a page, and purchase the Avery labels online or at an office supply store to print on. Just a few things when you do so: 1. place as a picture from your computer. 2. right click and format picture as square and center. Sometimes you might have to adjust the image to sit correctly on the template box. But the image moves easy with both mouse and arrow keys.

Typically there is excess label on both sides of the 9.75"x1.75" label. We suggest trimming the label so that they overlap .5" to help secure the label on the water bottle. These are made longer so that they will fit any size bottle you choose to purchase. If you have any other questions, in regards to Water Bottle Labels feel free to send us a message.

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