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Blogging... Something I Don't Get To Do Often!

As if you could not tell, blogging is something I don't get to do often. It seems its been a year since I was able to blog on my graphic design website. Excuse? Well... Life, Work and a little bit of Play! So, really where have I been. Its pretty simple actually, since owning and operating two small business and keeping up with a three year old (almost four) there is not much room to blog. Here I am on my way for a family vacation, driving (riding) to Texas, and I decided it was time for an update. Where to start, let's start with the two companies. Mind of Creative Designer and Designs by Vancette! Mind of a Creative Designer was set up to provide graphic design services for companies who want a educated experienced designer who knows the ins and outs of graphic design (print and web) without having to pay for all the overhead. (There are so many out there who call themselves designers just because they have a copy of Adobe. But that is a blog for another time.)I also wanted to provide small business like myself, graphic design services to help them keep up with the larger companies. Currently, I have both large companies ( and I mean large companies) to smaller business like the local restaurants in town. I have currently designed menus for Thai of Austell and Red Curry Thai is in the final design stage. Working both print and web for both restaurants. Our favorite photographer Karen Roberts Photography continues to send ongoing work with photo edits, marketing material and announcements. Then there is the new larger company I picked up in February and currently working on things like packaging, marketing material, and much more. All of which are also designed with multiple languages. Now onto the second small business, even though I try my hardest to keep them separated they both involve designing so it can be hard to do so at times. Designs by Vancette is my online Etsy Shop, where I sell customized party invites and print-ables. Stated in 2014 is has slowly picked up business and has become almost a full time steady flow with creating new themes and party/event items to sell. You can check out our designs by visiting our Etsy Shop at: So, as you can tell things do not slow down and just when they do, I take on new things like Vacation Bible School Director and helping others with the creative things in their life! Until next time.... Live Life Creatively!

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