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In a world today saturated with design, it is very hard to be unique and original. After 20+ years there are times that my creativity just does not flow. Where being original is just hard, but there are things that I can do to strengthen my mind and open it up to allow creativity to flow in. I believe God created me with a talent in creativity, and it just takes trusting Him and allowing my mind to just breathe for it to come rushing in. I put my trust in Him for my original and unique designs, not in others. So, my title "Copycat" is about those out there who, for a lack of better words "copy" others ideas, designs or even just use other designers creations. A Copy Cat!

It blows me away, how people will teach their children not to be a "copycat" but then turn around and copy others themselves. Over the years, I have seen it get worse and worse in the design and creative world. Just recently, I have watched other people open businesses using designs and creations that were not theirs, but yet do not give credit to the original designer. They just brush it off as their own. I have also seen, "so called designers" take another designers ideas and maybe just change the words, font and add a slightly different icon with it leaving the background image and color scheme exactly the same; and of course the original idea of the designer is still there. I have watched some people pull photos and use them without written permission or purchasing rights to use them legally. I have watched these so called "creative people" even use photos of items that were not theirs when listing an item for sale on big name sites. This has all been discussed, debated and even legal action taken against these "creative people" or should we say thieves? I have seen people use words like "inspire" and "creative" (referring to themselves) while using other people's ideas, designs and creative thoughts. If I can see this, then you know others do too.

It's even more bothersome when it's someone you know, and it's your ideas, creative thoughts, time and hard work that is being stolen. When they "spy" (lack of better words) on what you have done or are doing and in some way copy your work, it's disheartening. What deeply saddens me the most is when they try and claim it as their own "creative, unique or inspiring" design. What hurts the most is the part that they are called out to be different, not of this world but suppose to be representing a higher power. The one thing they have created is basically a lie, misleading others to think or believe something that is not all their own doing. Instead of supporting a "so called friends business" in any form, they would rather copy their ideas and try to brush off their friends talent as their own.

God has given each of us a talent, your very own. He has made each of us different, in our own special way. Don't deny yourself or talent because you are envious or jealous of someone else's talents! As the Bible states in the Ten Commandments, "you shall not covet," and "you shall not steal" and "love your neighbor as yourself."

Would you want someone copying or using your hard work and passing it off as theirs? No, you wouldn't so STOP being a COPYCAT! Start focusing on the talent that God has given you, otherwise you are wasting it! Meanwhile, if it's my work your copying, or "inspiring" then give credit where credit is due, and know that no matter what you are forgiven but it does not mean keep doing what you are doing.

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