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Nut cracking Good Review!

From time to time, I get to review products for companies and I have to say this time, it was a "nutcracking" good review!

Collecting nutcrackers has been a hobby of mine for many years now. Why nutcrackers you might ask, because I find them very creative, colorful and they bring me joy every year when I set them out for the holidays!

When the chance to sign up to review Clever Creations Nutcrackers, through Tryazon, was available I made sure to sign up. Never expecting to get selected, I received an email that I had been selected to review a "Tryabox" of Clever Creations! My world exploded with happiness! It was about a week later that I received my package of products from Cleaver Creations.

Opened the box with extreme caution knowing that Nutcrackers are fragile, since they have many details and are made from wood. The first item was the "Pickle Ornaments" laying on top under the letter.

Clever Creations "Pickel Ornaments" come in a pack of three, and are shatter proof. My 5 year old even put them to the test as I was taking his picture for his pages he dropped one. I was so thankful that they were shatterproof! Score! The tops are even made out of a plastic material and not the typical metal.

Next box was the "Italian Nutcracker" I was so excited they sent him! He was one of my favorites and wanted to add him to my collection. I pulled him out and he seemed a little loose on the back. When I checked the handle on the back was broken. I was so disappointed. However, I contacted Tryazon, and let me tell you customer service was fabulous! They were on it quickly and got me a response back in about 24 hours. Tryazon said that Clever Creations would be sending out another one. I was so excited again. When he arrived, he was perfect. The details make him even more adorable in person! From the basket of grapes, the bottle of Vino with the year, his hat and mustache, can you get any cooler than him?! Well maybe their Mouse King, which I am sad to say they did not send or I would have just been in heaven!

The third item was the "Traditional Nutcracker." Made of excellent quality wood, with his painted details, lace trim and a velvet coat and hat! He had me ready to dance around the room with him! Except, I looked more like cinderella before her fairy godmother arrived!

Last but certainly not least, was the "Silver Lady." I had never added a female nutcracker to the mix, but I was opened to the idea. She made for the perfect addition with her silver glittery dress that reminded me quickly of our dear sweet Tara! Our very own glitter princess! The "Silver Lady" is detailed with a black purse and a strand of silver beaded necklace. Her hair reminds me a lot of a Barbie dolls hair, the soft flowing material they use. Her painted details face and gloves were just as fabulous as the male nutcrackers details. The only thing I think could have been thought out better was where they "nutcracker section" was located, in her breast area! But then again, I am sure there are women out there that would try.

This being my first impression of Clever Creations, I would say they have an excellent quality nutcrackers and I will definitely purchase future nutcrackers from them. Like the "Mouse King!"

Check out their large selection of Nutcrackers online at: Clever Creations and if you haven't checked out Tryazon you really should! Like I said, my customer service experience with them was great!


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