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Creative Spaces...

Creative spaces vary from person to person. What makes one person excel in their creativity could cause another person to shut down. A creative space does not always have to be the same place. So, what does my creative space look like? It’s not always one particular space that helps me be creative. I can be just about anywhere, and a thought or idea just appears in my mind. It could be a conversation I am having, or even the conversation that the person next to me is having. It could be sitting outside rocking in a chair on the front porch, or driving down the road looking out the window; watching the scenery pass by. It could be reading a book, or maybe even a dream. Watching a show or a movie has even sparked a creative idea. I can look at my old designs, and create new designs. At the moment, I spend creative time at my workspace in my home. It is very down to earth, nothing fancy but to me it’s peaceful, comfortable, and expresses my personality. I can be creative on the computer, drawing at the desk, or even cutting and pasting to develop a new look or idea for a project. Whatever the project, my workspace fits me perfectly. It’s an old desk, that was given to me by a dear friend. I love used wooden furniture, and adding it to the mix of furniture created a peaceful workspace. The painting hanging above the desk, “washing of the feet”, is a painting that a wonderful Christian lady at church painted as a wedding gift to us. I have pictures of my family sitting around, and of course a Mac book. I just wouldn’t feel like a designer, without one. What does my ideal creative space look like? Now that is a wonderful question. I imagine it would be sitting on a large open front porch or maybe in a hammock, high in the mountains overlooking a lake. The weather would be sunny, breezy, warm and comfortable. The trees and grass would be a lively color of green. The air would smell clean and crisp. I would have a sketchbook in my lap, and a pencil in hand! Now my question is, what does your ideal creative space look like?

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