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Get your job done!

When it's time to get your job done, it always seems there is not enough time. You know the old story, the painters house is never painted. But in my case I just don't see that as a bad thing. Let me explain, my job in this case is updating my own business website and social media pages. Why it's not necessary a bad thing, is simple because I have been busy working on building and maintaining my relationships with my clients. 

The relationships I have with my clients is very important to me. I know everyone says that their clients are important to them and they are if they are focused on the dollar. I mean no clients equals no money that equals no business. When I say my clients are important to me it's a little different. How so you might ask? Well, my goal is to build not just a partnership, but a friendship. When your clients have things going on within their business, it's important to know as a designer so you can support the business with the elements that you are trained in. Sometimes it means approaching a specific project with a not so standard design. Maybe they have some time challenges that mean you will need to work some not so regular hours. That's reminds me of the days working in corporate, when you asked when is the due date or market date was, you would be met with the reply, yesterday! That always guaranteed a late day! Maybe your client has something happening at home and needs time away but you are working on a project that has a fast approaching due date. You need a partnership/friendship built on trust, one where they know while away you can be counted on to getting the project completed and done so at the highest quality possible. Making your client look good, makes you look good! When you build these types of partnerships or friendships then you need to nurture them and keep them protected. You want clients who come back to you time after time, because of the partnership you have built. Not just for the dollar, because they can count on you to get the project done.

So back to getting your job done. As a creative graphic designer, my digital and print collateral will never be completed. Because I find myself wanting to built client friendships rather then working on my own projects. Besides, I can always see ways to improve, be more creative or just make it simple smart with my personal business projects. I would constantly be working on my stuff rather than making unique and important relationships where others thrive in their business and personal lives. So when do I complete or focus on my own business projects? Once a year I try to set aside creative time for my own business. To refresh, update or even completely redesign my own business material. And today, I can say that I just completed a redesign of my own website and social media.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Come back and see what off the wall topic I blog about next week! Meanwhile, Get your job done! If you need help, give me a call! We can work on our relationship! 😉

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