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West Fleet Services - Logo Design

A month or two ago, a message came through from a prospective client. The company had been working with a designer, who had started to work on a logo for their new company, West Fleet Services. When the designer sent over her contract, she could not answer questions in regards to ownership and usage rights of the logo upon completion of the design. The prospective client and I had a conversation about contracts , a quote and who exactly owned the logo once it was completed. Upon receiving my quote and contract, the prospective client then turned into a wonderful client to work with.

Note: There are many designers out there who will design a logo, but only give usage rights and charge for anything outside of those rights. Then there are designers, like myself who will release all rights to the company once the logo is completed. As the designer, I have written in my contract that I can use the logo in my portfolio and on marketing material to help reach new clients. I suggest hiring a designer that will release all rights but those to any company, and please make sure you have a contract between you and the designer. It is there to protect you both.

After signing the contract, we moved forward to the concept stage where typically there are at least ten concepts to pick from. In this case, I got carried away in creative mode and sent over a few more than the ten. The client narrowed them down to three concepts they liked the most, all pictured here. Next came color theory and what color would work best for the company, settling on the blue color pictured here in the final three concepts.

Not sold on the design of the truck on the original finals, there was some reworking the concepts of each design to the develop them into the final logos and what you see in the pictures within my blog.

As of yesterday, we now have a final logo selection, pictured at the very top. Special thank you to Mr. Eddie & Mrs. Elizabeth West for allowing Mind of Creative Designer to create and develop a logo for West Fleet Services! You are a great client to work with and your business is greatly appreciated!

The top logo design is ©Westfleetservices and the bottom two Logo designs pictured here are ©mindofcreativedesigner. All rights reserved. Any usage rights of images, and logos must have written permission from the copyright holder.

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